Our Features - About the FroogalPay platform

FroogalPay is packed with tons of functionality that improve the payment process.

Virtual Terminal

Discover a quick and easier payment process


Increase security by invoicing customers directly

Hosted Page

Avoid PCI scope and enhance security in seconds


135+ payment gateways from around the world


Gain powerful insights
from your data

Custom Fields

Increase your data by adding custom fields

Easy API

Rest API that is simple, consistent and complete

Fraud Tools

Identify and block
fraudulent transactions

Chargeback Fighting Tools

Level the playing field


Shift credit card fees to the customer

Smart Routing

Automate switching among MIDs

QB Integration

Sync transaction data to QB Online

Recurring Billing

Flexible, easier to deploy

White Label

Make FroogalPay your own


Board merchants quickly and easy

Level 2 and 3 Data

Reduce interchange fees on transactions

IP Restriction

Limit user access to certain IP addresses

Card Vault

Store credit cards
without storing them

See why people love working with us

``FroogalPay is our payments everything company. We use them to enable payments in our booking engine, as a virtual terminal, and an invoicing system. Furthermore, they have helped us secure three credit card processing accounts with favorable rates and no reserves. Finally, they have numerous features that helps us stop fraud and fight chargebacks.``

Robert F. – Client

``I love working with the FroogalPay team. I try and put all my customers on their software because their software is easy to use and the customer service is great.``

Steve S. – Reseller

``FroogalPay is a fantastic software partner. They are super responsive and willing to adapt to our needs. White labeling them has opened up a whole new channel for distributing our software.``

N.J. – Software Developer and client

“ I *** LOVE *** the fact that when you get the return URL string, you can just copy it and replay it an endless amount of times while you debug the code. No longer do I have to put the CC in and run a transaction to debug the code. Do it once, get the FroogalPay ID and replay it as many times as needed. Saves hours or work.”

Mark L. – Client

``The FroogalPay API was so easy to integrate. They give examples in their documentation and provide explanations for error codes. As a result, I was able to integrate them into our software in less than 1 day.``

Howard R. – Client

``FroogalPay saved us so much money and we barely had to do any work. They showed us how to reduce interchange fees and negotiated a better deal with our credit card processor.``

Marcy E. – Cost containment client

``The support team is so responsive and they break things down making it easy to understand what they are saying.``

Jessica S. - Client

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