Virtual Terminal

Discover a better payment process without changing your processor

One of the biggest problem with payment gateways is the inflexibility of their Virtual Terminals. Even if they are flexible, users have to deal with a myriad of configuration tabs. What separates FroogalPay is we have added functionality to our Virtual Terminal and we have enabled almost all the payment configuration to occur without ever leaving the screen. We do this with the use of sliders, drop down windows and bubbles.

Users can process credit cards and ACH, run pre-authorizations, record cash and checks. Users can also set up Recurring Billing as part of the initial payment process. Most gateways require a transaction to be processed before recurring billing can be set up. While in the Virtual Terminal Users can enter Level 2 and 3 data or leave it to FroogalPay to complete.

Finally, Users can select among all of their accounts regardless of processor and gateway (provided its one of our 135+ gateways). Regardless if they are using and NMI or some other gateway and regardless of the processor the gateways are communicating with, a user can access any account from our Virtual Terminal.

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