Cost Control

Reduce credit card processing fees

Since FroogalPay has seen so many statements, FroogalPay knows where to find the savings

What FroogalPay Does

FroogalPay brings years of industry knowledge, techniques, resources and proprietary algorithms to help merchants identify hidden charges, billing errors, and processing and interchange fee downgrades.The best part is that FroogalPay's solutions generally do not require a merchant to change its equipment or its merchant services provider.

Since FroogalPay started providing credit card cost control in 2013, FroogalPay customers have realized savings over 75% of the time. As a result, FroogalPay has saved merchants millions of dollars.

  • No upfront fees
  • Only pay based on realized savings
  • <3 hours of merchant’s personnel time
  • Easy to deploy


What can appear to be a small error can actually end up dramatically increasing credit card fees. Unfortunately, the credit card processing contract and monthly statements are complex and confusing. This makes it very difficult for a merchant to identify errors.

Hidden Fees

Credit card processors will use confusing language to make a fee appear to be an interchange or card brand fee rather than what it really is – a profit item for the processor. Any disclosure of this will invariably be buried inside a large program guide. Fortunately, FroogalPay knows how to identify these fees.


Every credit card has an interchange category. When all the necessary conditions are not met, a card’s interchange category can change to one that is more expensive. The majority of all downgrades are caused by unaware merchants. A few common examples of downgrades include failure to pass Level 2 and 3 data, an incorrect or missing billing address, an incorrect merchant classification and failure to batch in a timely manner. Downgrades can result in over 33% increase in credit card fees on a transaction.

FroogalPay Process

Obtaining savings is a simple six-part process
  • 1
    Analyze Contract

    We review your contract to determine what terms were agreed upon including discount rate, transactional fees, duration of contract and early termination fees.

  • 2
    Interview and Investigate

    We conduct a 30 to 45 minute interview with a merchant to determine how they accept credit cards and what software and hardware they use.

  • 3
    Audit Statements

    Merchant submits 2-3 monthly recent credit card statements to FroogalPay. We review the statements to determine if the contractual terms are being satisfied. In addition, we look for the existence of processing and interchange downgrades.

  • 4
    Benchmark & Report

    Within 2 weeks after receiving all the necessary information, FroogalPay provides a report outlining potential savings opportunities and required steps to implement the various options.

  • 5
    Recommend Solutions

    FroogalPay convenes another 30 to 45 minute call, whereby we recommend whether the potential savings should be pursued.

  • 6

    Based on merchant preference, we can work directly with their processor to implement a solution or we can stay in the background and empower the merchant with the necessary tools and information to negotiate themselves.

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