General Questions

1. Is FroogalPay a gateway?

While we may look like one, FroogalPay is not a gateway.  We are a payment software that resides on top of payment gateways.  Consequently, we have significantly more functionality. Think of FroogalPay as an avatar or a new skin you can put on your gateway.

2. How much is FroogalPay?

FroogalPay retails at $10 per month per Merchant ID and $.10 per transaction. Prices may vary when signing up through a reseller.  Furthermore, FroogalPay offers discount for large transaction merchants.

3. Do I pay to for setting up more than 1 user?

No. FroogalPay charges a monthly fee and on transactional basis. Create as many users with different levels of security as you want.

4. What is surcharging and are there rules against it?

Surcharging is when your credit card fees on a transaction are partially or completely shifted to the consumer. There is a myriad of laws that vary from state to state and by card type that govern when and for how much you can surcharge.  FroogalPay’s surcharging is an automated solution that keeps merchants in compliance with these laws.

5. Can I use my own credit card processor with FroogalPay?

Yes, provided the gateway associated with the account is a gateway integrated into FroogalPay.

6. Do I have to sign long term contract to use FroogalPay?

No. Merchant accounts run month to month and we bill in arrears. In other words we bill you at the end of the month. The only exception is for companies white labeling FroogalPay. The monthly cost of $83.33 to white label is billed at the beginning of the month.

7. What if I am signed up for a gateway that is not on the FroogalPay gateway list?

You can either request that your credit card processor set up your account with a different gateway, or you can request FroogalPay integrate in a new gateway. FroogalPay is willing to add a gateway provided the customer covers the integration costs.

8. What if I don’t have a credit card processor or want to change my credit card processor?

Provided you are not one of our reseller’s customers, FroogalPay can probably help you secure a credit card processing agreement. We even have high-risk merchant options.

9. Is FroogalPay PCI Certified?

Yes, FroogalPay has a ROC from a fully licensed QSA.

10. What is level 2 and level 3 data?

With certain types of credit cards including business, purchasing, corporate and governmental cards, the card brands require additional information called Level 2 and 3 data that need to be included with a credit card transaction. If a merchant fails to enter such information, interchange rates can increase by up to 50%.


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