Gain powerful insights from your data

FroogalPay has a multi-layer heirachy that enables merchants to silo and analyze their data in almost unlimited fashion. The first layer is a Merchant Name. Every merchant has a Merchant Name. Next, each Merchant Name has 1 or more Locations. Each Location has 1 or more gateways accounts that connect to a credit card processor. In addition, FroogalPay requires every merchant to have a Device and allows for multiple Devices. Furthermore, an active User is required to run a transaction.

Tons of data is not very useful if it's hard to dicepher and sort. With FroogalPay's advanced search capabilities, we make it easy for merchants to zone in on the data they want. Consequently, with all these layers and search capabilities, a merchant's ability to silo data is only limited by it's imagination.

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