ISO looking to help its merchant reduce interchange

B2B Merchants
Merchant reduce interchange
Project Description: ISO is trying to help B2B Merchants to reduce interchange and save money.
Problem: The ISO's customer, a manufacturing company, was suffering significant interchange penalties on B2B transactions. The merchant refused to create friction with their customers nor their own staff by requiring either of them to enter extra data needed to properly qualify the transactions. While the acquirer had interchange optimization tools to reduce interchange fees, the acquirer was only giving the customer and the ISO respectively 25% of the savings.

Solution: Since the customer’s payment gateway provider is a part of the FroogalPay ecosystem, the customer was able to use FroogalPay’s virtual terminal. Subsequently, FroogalPay auto-generates the necessary information and pushes the data into the merchant’s payment gateway. In the end, the ISO was able to keep 40% of the savings while allowing the merchant to keep 60% of the savings.

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