Animal Hospital needed invoicing solution because of Covid

Animal Hospital
Invoicing solution
Project Description
Problem: An animal hospital was equipped with a physical terminal for processing credit cards. When Covid began, the hospital required customers to remain in their cars during their pets appointment. The hospital wanted a solution that allowed them to collect payments without increasing contact. The hospital tried taking credit card numbers over the phone and entering them into the terminal, but this took too long and was interfering with overall operations. Next, they tried having the employee take the credit card from the employee and walk it inside to swipe at the terminal. Unfortunately, their customers did not like the credit card being taken out of their sight. Next, they looked into buying new wireless terminals they could use to bring outside to run credit card transactions. However, the cost to buy the units was high. Finally, the animal hospital did not want to switch credit card processors.

Solution: FroogalPay allowed the hospital to send out invoices from a computer/cell phone in less than a minute. Then the customers could enter their credit card information at their leisure. On subsequent transactions, the animal hospital could make use of FroogalPay's card vault. Moreover, FroogalPay was compatible with the hospital's existing credit card processor. Finally, FroogalPay delivered this solution for only $10 a month and .10 a transaction.

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  • Invoice management