Bank wants to reduce its PCI exposure when processing payments

Reduce PCI exposure
Project Description
Problem: The lending department of a bank needed to process mortgage application payments of its customers. To avoid being in PCI Scope, the department did not want its employees to have access to full credit card numbers nor did they want them to be able to log into the payment software when not on site at the bank.

Solution: FroogalPay invoicing allowed the employees to send invoices to the customers and have them enter the credit card information. The result was that no bank employee ever has access to a full credit card number. Moreover, the employees saved time and reduced human errors by pushing the entering of credit card information on to the customers. Finally, FroogalPay’s IP restrictions allowed the bank to gain control over which employees could access the system and from what physical location.

  • Software
  • PCI exposure
  • Data security