FroogalPay integrates in CardConnect/Cybersource

FroogalPay is an innovative payment platform that has recently integrated in the Cybersource and CardConnect gateways. These integrations allow businesses to take advantage of the premium functionality of these gateways along with the additional features that FroogalPay adds to them.   The integration of FroogalPay with these gateways brings together the best of both worlds and is a win-win for businesses and customers alike.

In addition, FroogalPay announced a new feature set.  Not only does FroogalPay allow merchants to create and include custom fields on payment pages, but now merchants can make these fields required before a transaction can be processed.  Finally, FroogalPay now has added a new permission level that can enable users to turn off surcharging at the virtual terminal/invoice/hosted payment page level on a one-off basis.  FroogalPay merchants were clamoring for the ability to have an easy way to temporarily turn off surcharging and we were listening.

FroogalPay continues to be a leader in functionality that turbocharges how payment gateways function.